The Magical Sinlui HOT English Competition 2019
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The Magical Sinlui HOT English Competition 2019

Last month, on the 14th until the 15th of September, an annual event was held at Sinlui, the Sinlui HOT – which is both an exhibition and competition for junior high school students, very well-known especially for those interested in enrolling into Sinlui as a high school student. It is divided into five competitions – Science, English, Debate, Basketball, and Logic.

All five competitions are very popular and would always garner much attention, but the biggest competition would probably be the English division. Every year, the committee would keep limiting the amount of teams capable of entering, and yet, the amount never fails to exceed the capacity.

After the success with the Nintendo theme last year, the committee chose Harry Potter as the year’s next theme. Just like the years before, the competition would be divided into multiple parts: the preliminary, in which sixty teams are given multiple choice questions; the reading, writing, and listening, in which the teams that are not yet eliminated are given reading, writing, and listening questions; the iconic rally game, in which the teams are given clues about locations scattered throughout the school and asked to play minigames in order to get points; and finally, the dreaded finals, in which the chosen teams will be tested on their speaking skills by judges.

This year’s theme was very festive – the committee dresses up in billowing robes, just like characters from the book, and the lights at St. Aquino library was turned off to give the mystical effect just like in the movies. The participants were nothing but enthusiastic as many were well versed in the theme.

Overall, the competition went smoothly with Elyon coming out as the winner. The competition and behind-the-scenes are documented by one of the committee members, and you can watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Link: click

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  • Monica Maylanda

    November 20, 2019at11:53 pm Reply

    Menarik sekali artikelnya 😀 Sinlui HOT memang selalu ramai dengan peserta, apalagi lomba inggrisnya. Videonya juga lucu.

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